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About Dee’s Nuts


“They’re not your grandparents’ peanuts! “ 



There are peanuts, then there’s Dee’s Nuts.  Our brand was built on the important things in life; Good Health, Humor, and Great Food.  Partners Brian, Lisa and Donavin wanted to take their favorite snack to the next level.


Peanuts have been around since 1500 BC, and not much has changed since that time.  Fast forward to 2011 – your standard nut got a makeover.  We trademarked the name and logo, and then spent the next 5 years doing research and development.  We partnered with an amazing peanut farmer from North Carolina to provide us with the best peanuts you can find. Then we added a little magic to turn a bite size snack into something people of all ages would enjoy. Our peanuts have remained a healthy snack, but we sprinkled in our own pizzaz to tantalize your tastebuds.


With our final product in hand, we decided it was time to see if the masses found our nuts as tasty as we did.  It didn’t take long for word to spread. People all across the nation were grabbing our nuts from festivals to sports events. They couldn’t get enough of Dee’s Nuts and we knew we were on to something.


Since that time, we’ve expanded our line to include hot, salty and sweet nuts in a variety of flavors. We’ve worked hard to set our nuts apart from the rest.  We work closely with food scientists to create the best tasting nuts you can sink your teeth into. Each of our crazy nuts has their own unique flavor and personality.  As the brand continues to grow, look for Dee’s to expand into additional product lines.


We know what you’re thinking…. I’ve heard this name before.  We had too!  Once we had the perfect peanut, we needed to create a brand name.  As we searched for ideas, we found our greatest inspiration to be right in front of us.  Brian’s grandmother Adeline D’amore (better known as Mrs. Dee). She was always there to provide us with motivation and a chuckle or two. Her laughter was contagious and she firmly believed you should never take life too seriously.  We knew her name should be part of the brand and well – Dee’s Nuts would certainly be a conversation starter.  While many have bought a bag the first time because of the name, it’s the flavor and quality that keeps them coming back.


While we proudly manufacture our products right here in the USA, because we have fans around the globe, we now share our nuts worldwide.  When headed to a ball game, packing a lunch or off to a party – take Dee’s Nuts with you.

Dee's Nuts and Snacks LLC
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