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Ranch & Sriracha Gourmet Peanuts 4 Oz Bag
Dee's Nuts

Ranch & Sriracha Gourmet Peanuts 4 Oz Bag

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Saddle up peanut fans….Dee's Nuts Ranch/Sriracha is a unique combination of classic Cool Ranch and Spicy Sriracha. These gourmet peanuts are roasted and coated in a unique blend of seasonings that will tantalize your taste buds. The first bite will hit you with the familiar creamy flavor of Cool Ranch, followed by a lingering heat from the Sriracha. 

These peanuts are a great snack for any occasion. They're perfect for parties, game day, or just a quick pick-me-up. They're also a good source of protein and fiber, so they can help you stay feeling full.

Available In 10oz cans and 4oz bags.

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